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Whether it is product distribution, financial consulting or investment management we are constantly seeking opportunities to expand our business and help our partners reach their full potential.

Understanding the complexity and uniqueness of our clients business strategies allows us to meet their demands by creating solutions specifically tailored to their needs.  We seek to build everlasting partnerships underpinned by trust and credibility,  providing grounds for long-term value growth.

No matter the intricacy of our clients’ issues we are constantly ready for a new challenge. Where others see problems, we see opportunities.

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investment management

We cover investment planning, determining risk exposure, implementing strategy and measuring results, leaving our clients only the trouble of how to spend their profits

product distribution

Our expertise and vast network of partners across the distribution sector enables us to achieve maximum results when bringing new products to the market


financial consulting

With the world becoming more and more volatile every year it is important to find a balance and discover new ways to attain sustainable steady growth

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Filip Hosek


Nikolaj Orlov


Kristian Jirik