— Across several fields of expertise we seek opportunities and create strategies to help our clients achieve their full potential

Investment management

Investment management can be difficult and time consuming. Our team of experts is always willing to go the extra mile in satisfying our clients needs. We cover investment planning, determining risk exposure, implementing strategy and measuring results, leaving our clients only the trouble of how to spend their profits. Our company mainly specializes in renting short term real estate. How does it work? People leaving their homes unattended for short periods of time (weeks, months) can loan their apartment  to our company. According to the desires of our client we can either rent the property to one person or Airbnb it. Renting the property to a single client for a short period means that the apartment has to be rented under market value as a premium, to compensate for the shortness of the rent period. Or the client can choose the second option and let us Airbnb it, which leads to higher profits, well above the market average. Not only does the owner of the property make extra money, he also does not have to worry about his property being robbed or his pipes leading during his absence and flooding the neighbors. Also our clients can also customize their eviction notice periods. This can be particularly useful for people working over borders in unsteady work sectors

Product distribution

We have relationships with the key financial and strategic buyers coupled with an understanding of the value chain  and a deep sector know-how that enables us to provide superior outcomes for our clients. 

Whether our client goes to market through a leading catalog,  a branch-based model or a web-shop we have the expertise to guide them through the M&A process, identify new opportunities and create strategies to help them achieve maximum results.

In an increasingly busy world we understand the importance for our clients of keeping the initiative front and center long after the launch.  Our innovative solutions and skillfully crafted services will bring your products beyond the four walls, and help them find a lasting place on the everchanging markets.

Financial consulting

With the world becoming more and more volatile every year it is important to find a balance and discover new ways to attain sustainable steady growth. 

By understanding the complexity and uniqueness of our clients business strategies our team always manages to create a solution specifically tailored for their needs

We work together to create long-term value for our investors & companies

”No matter the intricacy of our clients’ issues we are constantly ready for a new challenge. Where others see problems we see opportunities”